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Saturday, February 18

short-stories-post #6.

Salam everyone! I guess some of you will be kind of pelik bila bukak this blog ey? Dulu greeny now dah jadi white paper pastel? Whattt? Haha okay it was nothing. I just wanna change it. I've deleted my previous posts and kept the posts on 2012. I have my own reasons why I did that. Don't worry, I know what am I doing. Hehe.

Well, am still here. Pilah terchenta. I miss home so much, but got lotsa things to do here. I have to stay and I like it. Serious. I don't wanna leave this place :( sedih lahaii nak ke 28 march ni which is will be my last paper and my last day at Kuala Pilah. Goshh! Okay, enough talking about Pilah.

Before nak delete my previous posts td, ada la jugak baca balik all those things. Ya Allah, I just realized how much I merepek and bebel kt blog. Sampai diri sendiri pun tak faham post tu ckp pasal apa. Mcm mysterious pun ada jgk aku ni. But I guess it was nothing kot. Just cerita harian yg terjadi amd when I got no one to talk to, then here I come. To my white paper pastel! No longer called as double choco mint. Hehe. Let the pasts left behind.

Hari ni dapat banyak tips untuk bagi hati tenang. Banyakkan istighfar. Nk kurangkan dosa kecil, jangan lupa untuk sentiasa berwuduk. InsyaAllah, semuanya kuasa Allah.

"I can take a deep calm breath if you are doing well yourself".

Okay, gotta stop here. Its kinda cool blogging through my . Agak2 lps ni kalau susah nk tidur, bukak blog la jawabnya. Hehe. Till next entry. See you soon whitey and salam everyone! Happy saturday :)

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