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Sunday, March 4

short-stories-post #7.

A best friend will always remain as a best friend. A person who knows you well. I have one, no I had one. Whatever happens, friends are still there. Don't easily judge people, see first how they treat you. I'm so thankful that you guys are my beloved understanding friends ever. Alhamdulillah.

Friend was adviced me to follow the flow. Don't chase for something that you think no good feedback to you. Allah dah tetapkan segalanya. Yeah I admit that, but you know what I meant. It's about time.

Men, you show me your charismatic and I will adore it. Good leadership is a positive thing for me. I can't deny and I can't just ignore it. Stop showing your ego, or else let's say goodbye.

Last thing, about my dinner. Wanna see some photos? Here we go :)

Will update on Kak Emil's wedding soon! Hehe she got nice photographers.

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