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Monday, March 19

short-stories-post #9.

you know what whitey, semua orang pernah rasa frust kan? sakit kan? tapi bila dah move on, dengan bantuan masa yang mungkin makan BERTAHUN TAHUN you will be allright at last. believe me. and then, lagi best siap boleh kawan balik macam biasa dengan that person and boleh gurau kasar plus bagi nasihat pasal partner masing masing, i guess that is great. thanks, you will always be my bestie.

one thing i've learnt about love life. to move on, you have to let go. well, i guess i know why did that to me. i just realize that because i did that thing too. poor me. sesungguhnya Allah itu Maha Adil. what i give to people, i will get it back. karma will flirts around you. hehe. pengajaran yang bagus. i ignore sebab i want you to get back your normal life before we knew each other.

the other f, pls think before you speak. bukan apa, you said it too directly and im kinda malu la. well, dont show me your charismatic or else.. haha. kalau boleh i want to start everything with something new. something that differ from my environment before. hmm, n sounds cool. speak frequently to me ya. eh?

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