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Saturday, January 28

don't talk about stress. semua orang ada stress. and sekarang i am so depressed! please, i don't want a simple thing can cause people get fighting. fed up lah macam ni. i also got lotsa work to do. final projects, reports, tests, assignments. otak nak fikir macam macam benda. and that is why i always remind myself, don't depends on anyone. we have to do anything by our own. tapi sebab tak expert, i ask for help. if i am an expertise, i will do it by my own. serious said. sakit lahai nak pendam dalam hati. cukup lah sekali, i won't ask anything anymore. habis my studies bulan 3 ni, we are all done. i have my own life. if you still nk ikut cara kau, go ahead. but then if you think that we are still friend, then you know how to turn back things to normal. by the way, this is really not my style to talk at public like this. i would prefer to talk personally. but you seems so hard to understand, and i'm afraid if i 'terkasar bahasa', memang gaduh habis we will lost contact. forever. tolong lah jangan diuji kesabaran. i am not a kids anymore. let's lah act like an adult. penat lah :'(

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