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Monday, January 30

short-stories-post #4.

hi greeny. it's good to be at pilah again. sooo good. tp kejap je nak balik shah alam, next week cuti utk maulidul rasul and thaipusam. if am not mistaken. 

so what is going on now? im kinda lost in tambun. living in a good life, starting to ignore unimportant people and a bit back to old habit. hehe. but i will make sure the transformation is going to be consistent. insyaAllah. 

well, i still remember what i have been post on DCM (doublechocomint), it was my plan for the next 5 to 6 years. well, 5 years actually. skrg pun nk masuk 21. omjayyy, 21? hmm what should i do when i reach 21? yeap, i got the key! muehehe. freedom! haha not so freedom lah kan.

i just wanna finish my studies and spend more time at home. and be a wonderful daughter and sister. sometimes, i just can't wait to have my own money. yeah, ive been working before, but it was a part time job. gaji pun cukup2 makan and shoppping sikit. i want a real job. must be so sweet of me when i can shop for home groceries. hehe. im looking for that! insyaAllah, may i get the opportunities to own a good job soon. then continue with my degree. degree in what? guess im still in like with the mr economics. erk? 

pheww, i got work to do this week. i guess lah. but wtv it is, am going to spend my day with ibu. without adik. muehehe. let that budak kecik habiskan masa dia kat skolah. im looking forward for friday. kinda excited!

well, enough for this night. sooner or later, im going to terminate this dmc. cholobete guys. salam semua :)

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