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Wednesday, February 8

short-stories-post #5.

Salam everyone. Salam maulidul rasul, jangan lupa berselawat kepada Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. :) Happy february. How are you guys btw? Wanna know about me? I'm good, doing well in life. Hehe. If you don't make trouble, then you have no problem. 

I'm just home. I spent 2 days at Kak Emil's just to help her settle the goodies bags for her big day. But then tk siap pun. Sebab I have to balik rumah, esok nak balik Pilah. Somehow I miss Pilah, you know. Haha okay just believe it lah. After March, no more Pilah and sure I will miss Melang and Beting so much! I grew up there, they give me calm, they teach me what a life is.

Well, am pretty excited for February. And nervous cause I guess I have MUET end of this month. Need to check the schedule from lecturer. Soon. Laaazy.

Aiseyman, perempuan ni memang excited ke pasal wedding things? I guess la lagi lagi bila umur dah 20 ++. Bila tgk relatives or friends plan for their wedding, mula la nak senyum sorang-sorang. Okay, at least am not la sampai tahap nk senyum sorang-sorang. Ketawa sikit-sikit tu ada la.

Thank God I don't remember the exact time of 'that peristiwa', but I guess dah hampir 3 bulan ianya terjadi. Still got the same feeling. I wonder if this is my second time? Just let it be kot, no need to deny or no need to agree. Even I already passed by that road few times pun, still tak perasan. Bila dah lama-lama baru perasan we went through this road together. Both were first time. Mesti teringat cerita pasal orang sana bersihkan sampah hehe. Hmm. Betul lah orang cakap, kita lebih menghargai seseorang bila dia dah tiada. Then sekarang nak buat apa? Serah pada Allah saja, He knows the best. InsyaAllah. I admit, I deactivated some of my social network because of this thing. Other reasons? Peoples need change and so do I. Better for me la kot. Let's change for good. Well, I don't wanna care. But I just wanna you to take care of yourself. No sakit-sakit. Seeing you are happy and doing well in life makes me happy too, eventhough I just see you from apart *ayat novel*. What friends for kan? You happy, me happy. Demam dah baik la tu, siap boleh berjalan sakan kan? Good for you :) 

Oh ya before I forget. Anyone here yang berminat nak beli screen protector privacy untuk smartphone anda? Boleh roger saya okay. Blackberry, Samsung, HTC, Sony Ericsson. InsyaAllah semua ada. Harga berpatutan :)

Okay done packing, esok boleh balik Pilah. One god thing when I am at Pilah, I will behave myself. Being here? Naughty. Banyak complain. Banyak makan. 

Till next entry dear friend. Take a good care of yourself. Looking forward to March and April. Salam :)

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